Bonded facility

Bonded warehouses


Is paying Duties and Taxes affecting your cash flow? You can now defer paying duties and taxes until you ARE ready to enter them into US Commerce.

The major benefit is that duties are only paid to CBP “upon withdrawal of the merchandise” for consumption in the U.S.

Our CBP Bonded Warehouse is now available for short-term or long-term (5 years maximum) storage of various approved dutiable goods while maintaining “duty free” status.

Bonded warehouses are storage areas that can house imports without needing the importer to pay import duties.


Additional benefits of having access to a Bonded warehouse are;

American Emo Trans is excited to announce that we have upgraded our facility from a container freight station to a fully bonded facility! Some of the benefits of this include:

  • The companies won’t have to pay for goods that are in transit for export. Therefore, if a company has imported goods prepped for export, they can store the goods in a bonded warehouse without paying duties or tariffs on the same.

  • The companies won’t have to pay for goods that they have not sold. Hence, the company is not required to make payment for the entire goods, reserving the capital of unsold goods for other productive purposes.

  • Products stored in a bonded warehouse is exempted from price variations caused by inflation. This applied from the moment that they enter the U.S. soil.

  • Financial Freedom: With this new designation, freight can be stored in our facility for up to 5 years before duties must be paid. No taxes or duties will be in effect until your goods are withdrawn from our facility

  • This reduces the financial burden on your business, as you can store your freight in the United States until your freight is sold and/or distributed without paying VAT or customs duties.

  • Goods intended to be re-exportation are completely exempt from duty payment